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21 Apr Announcing Out of Coverage

Out of Coverage is a third person 2D Point and Click adventure game made in the spirit of classic adventure games of the 90s’s.

The game tells the story of Nawwaf who is 22 year old City guy coming straight out of college. After his graduation he goes on a desert trip to celebrate, only to get lost in the middle of no where.
A day passes by wandering aimlessly. Nawwaf is tired, thirsty and starving. He collapses.
Nawwaf wakes up in a remote town, having been rescued by a young inhabitant. The town is named “Marta Al Aqareb” – which translates to “The Scorpions’ Den” – a place out of coverage and lost from contact with the outside world; time feels like it stopped still at the year 1970. Without technology or a way to communicate, even the simple task of leaving the town will become a great undertaking for Nawwaf.


Out of Coverage is targeting PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android and will be available in both Arabic and English.

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