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21 Apr Announcing Al Rekaz

In 2013 we released our first game (Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta) on 10 platforms ranging from mobile (iOS/Android) to PC (Windows/Mac) to consoles (PS3/Ouya) and in 21 languages across all these platforms.


Unearthed was selected as Appleā€™s Editors Choice on the appstore and it got featured as part of the Playstation Plus collection on the Asian PSN.


As our first project we got a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong with the game, user and critic reviews were highly mixed, and since then we have been working on developing the follow up (Now named Al Rekaz instead of Unearthed) and taking all aspects of production to next-gen quality standards as well as focusing on the current gen of consoles and PC.


We are not quite ready for sharing more about the game just yet. But trust us, we will get it right this time.


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