404 Semaphore | Announcing Abnormal

21 Apr Announcing Abnormal

A horror from distant past.

Will awaken tonight.

Do you dare face something Abnormal?

Abnormal is a first person horror game made in the spirit of classical horror titles where the emphasis was making the player feel vulnerable and in real danger as opposed to the current trend of overpowering the player with weapons and resources and sending hordes of zombies after him. In Abnormal your character has asthma and therefore you have to keep looking for inhalers as you run out of breath from physical activities or from the horrors in this mansion. In addition to that, Abnormal features the ability to instantly switch between two different time periods in the mansion you are exploring which will come in handy for puzzle solving.


Abnormal will feature optional support for Head Mounted Displays such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive which will immerse you in the heart of fear.

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