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Author: Ahmad Jadallah

21 Apr Announcing Al Rekaz

In 2013 we released our first game (Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta) on 10 platforms ranging from mobile (iOS/Android) to PC (Windows/Mac) to consoles (PS3/Ouya) and in 21 languages across all these platforms.   Unearthed was selected as Apple’s Editors Choice on the appstore and it got featured...

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21 Apr Announcing Abnormal

A horror from distant past. Will awaken tonight. Do you dare face something Abnormal? Abnormal is a first person horror game made in the spirit of classical horror titles where the emphasis was making the player feel vulnerable and in real danger as opposed to the current trend...

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01 Mar Announcing Badiya

  Badiya is an infinite procedural survival and exploration game set in the Arabian desert (Think Lawrence of Arabia). Life is harsh in the desert and players must explore and discover the supplies needed for survival. Although the desert is vast, players have the opportunity of discover outposts, villages, camps,...

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